Mar 19, 2012

Dream to Dazzling with Light In The Box

There is always that one pair of shoes that you are too scared to wear because they are just too gorgeous and you don’t want to mess them up. You have just found these shoes- Light In The Boxes Upper Stiletto Gladiator Sandals. But do not fear wearing these beauties in public, they will only make your entire outfit shine and add creamy class to your complete appearance.

The thin delicate strands of material that weave at the front of your foot juxtapose perfectly with the thick material that wraps on either side of you toes. This elegant shoe will carry you with ease through any formal situation and it will liven any summer dress you choose to pair it with. Don’t let the fear of depreciation keep you from wearing this truly diverse and exquisite shoe, and hey, if the fear is too big- just buy two pairs!

Mar 18, 2012

Delicate Elegance With These Classy Gems

If you are looking for that perfect shoe to add the glamour and elegance you need to your next formal affair then these Leatherette Heel Pump Sandals with Rhinestone will be exactly what you need.

This delicate sandal heel has been sweetly encrusted with diamond rhinestones that run along the front of your foot, giving them a sparkle and elusive shape that will allow your fairytale appearance to run from head to foot. Wear them in white or add that little bit of softness to a deep purple or ocean blue chiffon dress. Purchase them for your bridal party or even adorn yourself with a pair, allowing them to gracefully peep out from beneath your exquisite wedding gown.

Their softness and simplicity means you can wear them to any formal occasion, to dress yourself down or dress yourself up. Don’t forget to give you feet a little splendor and buy this fairytale footwear.

Mar 17, 2012

A Perfect Combo With Michael Antonio

If you are thinking about something that is safe and yet sexy, then Michael Antonio’s Platform Heel is the shoe that you have been looking for, or that has been looking for you. This strappy platform adds length to your leg and gives you that ultra-slimming look for the trace of sexiness in your appearance and stride.

You can have your choice between olive, black, white or tan, so enhance your bronzed body with a little olive consistency or create the classic look with white straps. Either way you will be dressing your foot to make it fit for a queen, or at the very least, a naughty princess. The shoe’s crisscross material wraps your foot delicately in its soft leather straps and rests it on a fine heel. It is meant for a night of finesse and amatory, do not miss out on adding this little number to your apparel.

Mar 16, 2012

Refine Your Style With Nine West

There is always a time that calls for your most sophisticated outfit. And, of course, you need the shoes to match. Nine West’s Laff ’n Play Slingback Sandal is the perfect shoe for just that situation. The wedge heel will give you the height that you need to look proper and slender without the potential ostentation that comes with a thinner heel. It also has that natural complement through the cork enhancement on the heel, understating the shoe even more and yet still making you look even more classically beautiful.

The classical feel of the shoe continues through the crisscross peep toe and the golden buckle on the heel. The shoes shine brilliantly in a pearl white but the classy look could be carried in other colours such as black or even red.

Join the likes of Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe and dress your feet in something that is stylish and sophisticated, but still has the ability to enhance your beauty and grace.

Mar 15, 2012

Natural Allure in Seychelles Slingback’s

If you are looking for something that is both natural looking as well as having a voguish twist then look no further than Seychelles Women’s Blue Skies Slingback Sandal. This modern day shoe is created to suite your casual and formal needs. The earthy colours and wooden heel embody your bohemian panache while the extra height will elevate you to a formal status, if you need. The ankle buckle as well as the crisscross weaving on the front of the shoe adds intricacy and detail that will contribute to even the simplest of summer dresses.

Wear them on a warm night out with a long black dress and sling shoulder bag, or pair it with summer shorts and a loose white t. Either way it would be a crime not to wear them at some point!

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Mar 14, 2012

Be Daring in Light in the Box’s Women’s Stilettos

At first glance this shoe can be a little daunting, if anything it is definitely a bold statement! But why not be a little daring, why not push those conventional boundaries and wear something a little crazier. Light In The Box’s Women’s Leatherette Stiletto Heel Gladiator Sandals will no doubt add flare and pizazz to your outfit.

These shoe’s are designed for the women who likes to be a little different, likes to give fashion that unique edge and who likes to show off her style in any party mode. They also come in a baby blue with the same sunny yellow heel and red edging on the sole. These shoes will tightly wrap up your feet so that you are ready for any party and can trust yourself to dance the night away without batting an eyelid.

Go on, be a little different, and make something sexy and exclusive with this party going pair!

Mar 13, 2012

Set Fire To Any Outfit With Ollio’s Classic Faux Suede High-Heel Pumps

Harness your inner temptress with Ollio Classic Faux Suede High Heel Pumps. These sexy, sultry shoes will create a smoking hot look that demands the attention that your feet so rightly warrant. Shake off those heavyset work shoes weighing down your day and slip into something a little more deserving. Not only will your feet love you a little more, but so will anyone who sees you wearing them.

Ollio’s woman’s platforms come in a multitude of colors so take your pick from fiery red all the way to plush purple. The rounded toe and thick under sole create a comfortable cradle for your feet, keeping them stable and encased. The outer fabric is made completely of suede to add a little touch of class to your outfit, and least we not forget the inner sole; which is adorned with leopard prints- to feed your inner wild side and give you that spicy little boost you may need. It would be a sore loss if these saucey numbers didn’t feature at your next Friday night social.

Mar 12, 2012

Sleek and Sexy in Madden’s Latest Classic


If you are looking for something to spice up your night then look no further than the Steven Madden Women’s Alexxi Slingback Pump. This sleek and stylish shoe will make all heads turn as you strut your stuff.  You can dress it up with you LBD to add a few more inches to those legs (think Kate Moss, and the ingenious way in which this kind of a heel will only add positively to your leg shape) or pair it with a long slender gown to give yourself a little more height and elegance.

The rounded peep-toe and thick sole adds for comfort and stability- if you find yourself prone to the occasional ankle buckle (or if you’re planning on having some champagne on this glamorous eve). Don’t settle for anything less than this sexy, versatile piece of footwear, which will enable you to smoke up any walkway you make your way across or sway fluidly from place to place with ease and grace.


Mar 11, 2012

Earthy Versatility in Steve Madden’s Achilees Sandal

People often forget the importance of finding the perfect shoe to tie an outfit together. If you are looking for the one shoe that will do that with virtually every outfit you own, then you need look no further than Steve Madden’s Woman’s Achilees Slingback Sandal. This real leather, earth colored sandal will add authenticity to your full length boho dress, juxtapose it with your latest beach wear (sunhat included) or just add a little casual flare to that tight black number you’ve been dying to wear; you’ve just been waiting for the right time to slip it on.

The style, shape and texture of the shoe creates a comforting cocoon around your foot that will make you wish you could wear them all the time- but why not? These shoes will fit in with both your work lifestyle and your social commitments. Do not miss this opportunity to own a shoe that is this versatile, this spectacular and still so comfortable!

Mar 7, 2012

Mad for Steve Madden’s Glaare Sandal

The Steve Madden Women’s Glaare Sandal is perfect for your off-days. When your feet are tired from wearing high heels and pumps, turn to this bejeweled piece for comfort. Well, if you are one of those who doesn’t wear flat shoes/sandals at all, this might be one of the few exceptions for your shoe collection. The rhinestones and jewel embellishments would certainly make up for what it lacks in the heels department. Also, let me just point out that your feet receive a lot of pressures and stresses from your body so it is important to let them breathe and rest at times.

Wear this out with your favorite maxi dress ala Nicole Richie and exude that bohemian princess in you. I know I just had to squeeze that in. She’s one of my favorite fashion personalities ever. Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to point out how great this would make as an addition to your shoe collection. I have it in mine and I didn’t regret spending for it.