Mar 28, 2012

Prom Is Just Around The Corner So Have A Look At The Best Pair Of Prom Shoes For 2012 From Jen And Kim.

When you have something as important as Prom just around the corner there are too many things to worry about, too many things to ensure are securely in place. Don’t let your shoes be one of those worries. Jen and Kim’s Luna Platform Sandals are the perfect prom shoes to wear on your special night. Not only do they have a classic elegance that matches with every possible dress style but they exude a certain femininity with their delicate ankle strap and peep-toe. The criss-cross strap action at the front of the shoe means that your feet will stay firmly put in your shoe while you dance the night away. They are available in black, blue, ivory, rose and white so you can pick and choose perfectly according to your outfit.

Mar 28, 2012

How To Pick A Great Pair Of Shoes For Prom

To choose the right shoes for Prom you’ll need to consider several factors. First you have to decide what kind of shoe you will want to buy based on your body type. If you are tall go with a shorter heel. If you’re short you can gain some height by increasing the size of your shoe’s heel. For those ladies who have thick ankles, avoid shoes that have ankle straps.

Think about where you want people’s eyes to be. If your self-conscious about your feet, it is probably not the best idea to wear shoes that will draw attention. Secondly, decide if you want to match your shoes with the dress or with your accessories. If you’ve chosen a dark color for your dress consider matching it with sparkly accessories and bright shoes. On the other hand if your dress is a very bright color you may wish to go with a basic black shoe.

Take a swatch of fabric that matches the color you wish to buy so you can compare it in the store. The type of fabric of your dress is also a deciding factor. If your dress is made of shiny material like silk or satin, it is best to go with a shoe that also has a shine. Shoes that taper to a pointed toe are usually uncomfortable for women with large feet, so choose a shoe that has a blunt or rounded toe. If the length of your dress is very long the color of your shoes may not matter since they will be less visible.

Choose a shoe that is comfortable and appropriate to wear. Pick a pair of shoes you can wear to more than just prom and save a little money down the line. You can never go wrong with a basic black shoe. Comfort should be your number one priority. You will not enjoy the evening if your shoes cause you to develop Plantar Fisciitis Inflammation, which is a painful inflammation on the bottom of your foot caused by long-term standing in insufficient padded shoes. Always add extra padding to any shoe you wear to avoid developing this debilitating condition.

Wear the shoes for a couple of days before the dance to get a feel for the shoes to see if you will need to add more padding or return them. On the day of the dance take occasional breaks between dances to rest your feet. Do not be afraid to try bold colors and new styles. Everyone’s feet are beautiful when enhanced by the correct shoe choice.

Mar 27, 2012

Be Casual And Eco-Friendly With Roxy

Now there are some occasions where you just need to slip your foot into something casual and comfortable and just take it easy. If you find that this applies to you then Roxy’s Women Eden Flip Flops are shoe perfect. This traditional shoe shape has been around since surfers first walked the earth, they were loved then and they are still loved now.

Roxy has played it cool as ever with the soft sponge sole and the smooth rubber thongs to keep your foot snug. But Roxy, being a constantly innovative brand, have taken this slop to the next level- these shoes are fully recyclable. Yup, even though they have an extraordinarily long life-span, when you are finally done with them you can throw them away to be completely recycled (as they are 100% decomposable). So not only are you doing your feet a favour but you are doing your bit for the environment as well. So go ahead- “sea green” and give your feet a casual snug home.

Mar 26, 2012

Sassy Sophistication With Ellie’s Cowgirl Stiletto’s

Now you might be thinking that cowboy boots were fashionable a few years ago but there is no way that you would buy them now, well that could have been true with some boots classified in this style, but it isn’t the case with Ellie’s Ankle Height Cowgirl Boots with Heel. Ellie shoes have the uncanny ability to harness a timeless, feminine style in all their products. And the same applies for this cowgirl footpiece. The seude material, the stitched white patterns, the soft and smooth point of the toe, all these details indicate am element of feminity and grace, while the cheeky stiletto heel gives a women a sense of grace and sexiness, what distinguishes her womanly figure.

You could match these sassy heels with a pair of skinny jeans or add a touch of sexiness to your outfit by pairing them with a denim skirt and white t. The deep colours of black and brown allow you to mix and match them with almost any item of clothing, making them available to you for all your different outfits. Don’t miss out on these sassy additions to your style.

Mar 25, 2012

Fiery Sensuality from Penthouse Stiletto’s


Shoes are the perfect way to push the boundaries if you feel like you are looking for a little change, or to add some spice to your style. Penthouse’s Women’s Jezebel Stilettos are the perfect way for you to harness your inner vixen and add a little zest to what you’re wearing (or not wearing).

These shoes are built just as much for the bedroom as they are for wearing on a naughty night out. Surprise your loved one on Valentines eve by coupling these sexy numbers with a tantalising corset, or dress up to the occasion at your next bachelorette party. The entire shoe oozes sexuality through the soft red material top and the sleek black heel at the bottom, topped off with a netting black bow and frill behind the heel. The final touch is then added with the jewel cross dangling off the back of the heel. This is a daring and fiery piece to add to your wardrobe, but do it! You never know when you’ll need to access that temptress in you.

Mar 24, 2012

Subtly Stylish with Steve Madden’s Slingback Sandals

There is no need to wear a heel to draw attention to your feet if you buy Steve Madden’s bejewelled Slingback Sandal. This slight and slender shoe will bring a subtle shimmer and shine to your foot and whichever outfit you decide to wear.  Steve Madden has the ability to bring formality to any shoe, with or without a heel.

The rhinestone detail covering the front of the shoe will delicately wrap and support your foot  and add a soft sparkle to as you walk out into the sun.  They are perfect for the beach by pairing them with summer shorts and a summer vest, or on an evening out, wear them with your little black dress and throw a silver pashmina over your shoulders for matching detail. Steve Madden designs all his shoes to look great and still fit comfortably, so whatever the occasion and where ever the mood might be taking you, you will always look and feel the part. Don’t miss out on this diverse opportunity to mix and mangle with your outfits.

Mar 23, 2012

Keep Summer Alive With You And Ellie

Summer is a season that we are always wishing would carry on forever, so why not carry it with you where ever you go with the new Yoshiko Sandal from Ellie. This trendy breezy shoe will put a spring in your step and add a little sunshine to your whole look.

The large wooden wedge heel and thick black material that runs across your foot carries a tropical aura and will imprint it’s seasonal style onto you and the rest of your outfit, so you can add it to an already summery look or you can augment your whole appearance by dressing it with a pair of skinny jeans and thin cotton cardy.

Don’t let the season dictate your style, rather use it as inspiration to mold and alter your whole look, and be that girl who dared to combo and dared to be just that little bit different.

Mar 22, 2012

Glamour Up In Gold With Touch Ups Gemini Sandal

Go gold and gorgeous with the latest from Touch Ups Gemini Sandal. There is nothing ordinary about this piece of footwear; it will transform your look and change your image. So many woman today attempt to add class by adding more height to their heel- Touch Ups knows this is not necessary, and so have focused on the areas of the shoe that really count; the comfortablity and shoe detail.

The heel cup allows for your foot to be permanently snug and supported as you walk, while the straps running down the side will keep you secure in the shoe. The gold broche accessory pinning the additional gold straps together create a gorgeous focal point for you foot and add quality and design to whatever outfit you choose.

Be different and bold in these Not So Elevated, but Oh So Beautiful, numbers and I am quite sure that you will shine out above the rest.

Mar 21, 2012

Fall in Love with Spy Love Buy

There is no better way to look pretty and dainty than adding thin straps and little bows to your foot décor. And Spy Love Buy does this perfectly with their latest Peep Toe Stiletto Heels. This graceful heel will ensure that you carry your petite and pristine look throughout your outfit, carrying an air of girly glamour and allure.

Match these with a floral summer dress at your next bridal shower, or pair them with your new beige coloured belle hat to wear at your next work picnic or ladies tea party. It is never to soon to let your feminine tendencies take over, so stylize yourself to reflect your girlish interior. There is a dazzle and delight that shines out of these shoes, so be the one to wear them at your next formal function.

Mar 20, 2012

I’m Telling All About Kiss & Tell’s Latest Masterpiece

It is time to add a little color and edge to your style with Kiss & Tell’s Wedge Sandals. These delicious looking wedge heels will add the sunshine and blush to your wardrobe that you need to bring any dull outfit to life. You can pair them with your best denims and white vest, or just breeze through your day by adding them to any ankle length summer dress.

The shoe has be designed with a stylish orange stripe running all the way down the back of the heel, this unique and innovative touch creates the illusion of length on your legs and adds a different touch to outfits that other shoes can’t provide. The rest of the shoe is stabilized and balanced out with the thick strap around the ankle and over the toes, and finished off with a thick wooden looking buckle. Allow this 80’s styled and colored piece of footwear to grace your 21st century wardrobe and give you that edgy touch of panache.