Apr 7, 2012

A Colour Fiasco With Wild Rose’s Spring Platforms

The season of colour is upon us, with everything from bright pinks to brilliant oranges and crisp shades of turquoise blue. And so in keeping the brilliance and outstanding colour that will be present this spring here are the Platform Sandals from Wild Rose that will enable you to fit in perfectly.

This bold and vivid shoe is designed to have both an edge, a difference that will make them stand out on your feet and bring an entirely lively and spring feel to your outfit, and they also add the element of delicacy with the thin leather straps, pencil heel and rounded peep toe… thereby creating a look that is fresh and innovative without loosing the element of femininity. This shoe also manages add pattern detail and still allow your foot to breathe in the warm spring air.

Live it up! Enjoy the new season with twist in your wardrobe!

Apr 6, 2012

Keeping It Trendy With Joe’s Jeans

This Spring season is calling you to be a little more daring with your footwear. From shoe’s with flames flying off them to non-existent heels and  only toe platforms to balance on, this season shoes are being pushed to the height of creative and funky. If you feel like you want to be a part of this global movement, want to add a little groove to your outfit, splash some colour and style into your wardrobe then the perfect shoe has been found for you with Joe’s Jeans’ Tyra Wedge Sandal.

A stylish leather strap keeps you comfortable and contrasts gorgeously with the orange wedge heel, not only does this shoes make you look superb but it is also breezy and aired so that the spring heat wont get you down.

Give your feet a fresh new look and a fresh new feeling with this courageous and playful pair from Joe’s Jeans and start this Spring with some flare.

Apr 5, 2012

Create a Simply Delicious Style With Delicious Heels

Look and feel beautiful in this detailed floral High Heel T-Strap Sandals from Delicious. The light blush colour of the shoe works perfectly with the heavy flower detail adorning the front of the shoe, thereby keeping the entire look soft and feminine.

These shoes will add the subtle detail you need to any outfit so pair them with a simple knee length white dress and wear them to your next formal affair- a baby shower, a wedding or a bridal shower. Because they fit in so elegantly with a look of class and sophistication they will be the perfect addition to any bridal party on the wedding day, whether you choose them for your maid of honour or the entire bridal party.

They provide enough support to last the entire evening without faltering, but still have the right amount of height to enable you to move with grace and beauty. Add this stunning pair of heels to your collection for those special occasions and see that it is possible to look simply perfect.


Apr 4, 2012

Add A Little Sass With Chinese Laundry’s Wild Child Sandal

As we approach the Spring season it’s time to put those heels aside and pull out the flats. Now if you are looking for something that allows your foot to breathe but still doesn’t banish your look back to the medieval times with the unsightliness of your shoe… the solution has been found for you with Chinese Laundry and their latest collection- the Wild Child Sandal.

This unusual and innovative shoe will add colour and differentiation to your wardrobe. With colours of black, coral and blush to choose from you can add them to any outfit to give it specialty but still keep it cool and casual- add a coral pair for your next day-time lunch outing, or utilize the black pair by adding it to a bohemian style evening dress.

Give your feet the dress-up they deserve with these cheeky and wild sandals, and enjoy Spring with a little casual and creative flare.

Apr 3, 2012

Stand Out and Celebrate Your Special Night In These Prom Heels

You’ve got your big night coming up  so it is completely your entitelment to wear the best and most beautiful outfit out there. If you are looking for the perfect shoe to tie this all together then you need not look any further than Ollio Women’s Glitter Stiletto Heels. These gorgeous and lush heels add the perfect amount of sparkle and excitement to your ensemble. If you’re feeling a little less bold then go for the modern and traditional look with the black pair, if you’re feeling a little more vivacious and daring then utilise the stunning gold or silver pair.

This shoe speaks for itself and will turn heads where ever you go. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the belle of the ball and flash these dazzling shoes to create your desired prom look.

Apr 2, 2012

Lavish Your Feet In These Special Occasion Shoes From Reneeze

If you are looking to bring yourself back to elegance and femininity then it is time that you invested in these gorgeous Platform Sandals from Reneeze. With its pearl white colour and delicate strapping around the foot this specific shoe manages to create the understated look of detail and sophistication.

Perfect for your next wedding function or even to wear on your next relationship anniversary with your special someone, believe me these shoes will not go unnoticed with whatever outfit you wear. By creating the open space at the front and back of the foot, and the designed detail on the sides Reneeze has managed to give this high heel the elements of refinement, beauty and class. This sort of design also perfectly secures the foot within the shoe, therefore giving the wearer the height they are looking to achieve but also allowing them to be stable and sure of themselves.

Don’t skip this opportunity to wear a shoe that can be classified as truly beautiful and is perfect for just about anyone.

Apr 1, 2012

How About Perfection, Sexuality, Class And All In One Shoe On Your Prom Night?

Are you always looking for ways to make your outfit look a little more daring and full of life? If you are not one to stick to the conventional and want to give your prom outfit some style and edge then look to Qupid’s Strappy Platform Heels. This sexy and futuristic heel gives you the height you need to make you look and feel sensual and feminine.

By creating the two-tone colour look between the shoe itself and the heel Qupid manages to add attractive detail in a subtle and mischievous way, this continued with the use of the soft pastel green colour. However, Qupid manages to contrast this subtlety by adding thick detail with the use of criss-crossing strap pieces, a small button on the side of the shoe and a peep-toe shoe front.

This piece of footwear manages to find the perfect contrast between sexy and classy, and is not to be missed out on for any occasion- especially one as special as your prom night.

Mar 31, 2012

Wear The Latest From Anne Klein And Utilize Prom Flats That Will Keep You Comfortable

When you know you’ve got a big night ahead it can be a little daunting to think about wearing those 9-inch heels all night… if you are looking for a solution that keeps you comfortable but still fits in with the formality and glamour of a prom night then these Slingback Pumps from Anne Klein.

These super stylish and sleek shoes will allow you to fit right in with their elegance and glossy finish. Their slightly elevated heel gives you the height you need to bring formality to your appearance but still allows you to be comfortable because of their soft material interior and the supple leather bow behind the heel, to keep your feet snug and soothed. Feel at ease to do everything you need to do on your special night.

Mar 30, 2012

Use These Pair Of Inexpensive Prom Shoes To Complete Your Look

Prom can be an expensive time for anyone; the dress, the hair, the make-up and all the other costs that you don’t even realise you have till it all starts piling up! If you are looking to shave off a few dollars here and there then these Platform Sandals from Touch Ups are exactly what you need.

Not only do these shoes fall in to a lower price range but they also have a flare and difference to them that will add a sparkle and shine to your entire prom look. Designed to create a silver glow, with criss-cross and circle detail on the front of the shoe, Touch Ups draws funky attention to the foot, giving you a little more glamour and energizing your full appearance. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, Touch Ups is your solution with this gorgeous and fitting shoe alternative.

Mar 29, 2012

Add Some Flare To Your Dress With These Deep Black Prom Shoes From Qupid

If you’ve found your perfect dress and all you’ve added all the jewels, and all you have to do is find the perfect shoe, then look no further. This Stiletto Heel from Qupid will give your outfit the closing look in needs to tie everything dreamily together. The shoe is designed so that  it seamlessly frames your foot and draws attention to the slender length that draws up towards the ankles.

The material is soft, sensual velvet black to add to your look of femininity while the cheeky peep-toe and thin purple stiletto heel adds the defiance and sassiness to your look to give it that extra edge. This is the kind of shoe that will slip in effortlessly with any dress, whether it is long or short, of darker tones or lighter ones, it compliments you’re entire look without taking away from it, but in fact adding a little subtle something extra.