Apr 17, 2012

Oh So Quirky This Spring With Ellie Shoes

So you are looking for something a little quirky, something that is a little more on the daring side, something to represent exactly your kind of flare this springtime. If you feel like this is calling to you then have a guise at these 609 Race Pointed Stiletto Sandals from Ellie Shoes.

They may seem more out there but their colour and style will be a definite positive addition to your spring outfits. Choose from colours of lime green, shocking pink or classic white to make your feet the eye catcher of your outfit. By creating a single, solid colour base and a transparent strap the shoe is simple and bold, adding attention to your outfit but not overcrowding it with unnecessary detail.

Highlight your personality with these cheeky numbers and add some oomph to your bright look.

Apr 16, 2012

Springtime Delight With Ralph Lauren

The latest shoe from Ralph Lauren has managed to create a unique mixture between old and new. Somehow this Camara Slingback Espadrille has produced a look that is completely within the fashion of the time- bright spring tones, added colour through the technique of colour blocking and a refined wedge heel- and yet is still has a feel of a classic piece of footwear- the soft material exterior, the straw weave laced around the base of the shoe and timeless use of the peep toe and open heel.

This shoe has the potential to fit in with any casual garment, it is perfect as an addition to your spring wardrobe through its versatile appearance, ease and comfort. Don’t miss out on an ideal opportunity to enhance your closet this springtime with a Ralph Lauren footwear delight.

Apr 15, 2012

Tribal Excellence For A Bit Of Footwear Flare

If you like to create new looks with different elements all the time and are looking for something with texture and a touch of ethnicity then these Tribal Print High Heel Sandals from Anna Michelle are just the shoes for you. This autumn coloured piece of footwear has been designed with a sense of culture behind it, with an almost African and Aboriginal print blend. However, the heel and ankle strap and peep toe all combine to create a Western style and look that fits in perfectly with current trends.

Anne Michelle manages to create a comfortable connection between modern trends and traditional patterns and colours. This soft weave material shoe would be a valued addition to anyone that is looking to add some colour, finesse and disparity to their wardrobe.

Apr 14, 2012

Create The Dorothy Look But With A Fiery Twist

All you have to do is click your heels and make a wish and imagine that you have are the happy owner of these exquisite Dorothy Pump Heels from Ellie Shoes. If only it were that easy. That is not to say that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to add these devilish and dashing shoes to your wardrobe.

This insatiable blood red heel will add a blast of colour to whatever you choose to pair it with- maybe you could match them with tight skinny jeans, a slim cut blazer and a loose white vest at your next cocktail evening. Or slip them on with your LBD on your next romantic excursion.

The explosion of colour that these Dorothy Heels will add to your outfits will be enough to carry you through any situation, and do so with style, glamour and a little sex appeal.

Apr 13, 2012

Gentle Souls Brings A Little Asian Influence To Your Wardrobe

If you are looking for a shoe to relax in, one that you can wear on your evening walks, one that you slip into on your way to the shops, one that you can add your everyday jeans or even with a delicate summer skirt. Then you need no look further than these Bless Art Slingback Sandals from Gentle Souls.

With Japanese inspiration this unassuming and natural sandal is made to keep you contented as you walk. Just as a traditional Asian shoe is made for wear and for comfort it also has a certain artistic element to its design. The smooth white material and earth brown soul combine to create an image of tranquility and calm.

The visage of the shoe can be extended into any item of clothing and some how manages to exude the calm that it embodies into your gait.

Apr 12, 2012

Natural And Relaxed In Madden Girl’s Nature Wedge

It is sometimes difficult to find a shoe that can meet all the categories that we are looking for, if it is looks good then it is uncomfortable or visa-versa. Well it seems that Madden Girl seems that have come up with a shoe that will meet all your criteria- the Elivia Slingback Sandal. This wedge shoe has been made with completely natural materials- from the cork heel, to the silage weave around the shoe, to the soft cotton material incasing, the whole shoe has been designed to that your foot remains completely comfortable and relaxed.  The peep toe and open foot will also keep you cool during those warm spring days.

Madden Girl has also put detail into the appearance of the shoe, as you can see, focusing on a natural earthbound look but still giving you a wedge heel that gives your legs and figure a little more shape. The bow at the front just adding that little something extra that you are looking for to make your footwear stand out.

It is not always easy to find a shoe that is subtle in its beauty but still manages to make you stand out. Bless your wardrobe with these and discover this perfect shoe for yourself.

Apr 11, 2012

Add Leopard Print Detail To Create Your Own Fierce Femininity

If you are ever looking to spice up your wardrobe with something that is feminine, stylish and alternative then you need not look any further then these Leopard Cuffed Stiletto Sandals from Footmarks Shoes. With their leopard print details and decorative bow these heels manage to carry you through your whole outfit without appearing to be overbearing or haughty.

By wrapping the ankle in leopard print material the shoe is given length and more feature, therefore an outfit worn can work with all the aspects of the shoe, as oppose to the shoe just being cavalierly added to your daily wear.

Use this stiletto to give your evening gown a modern twist or just dress up your legs at your next function. Either way, this would be an innovative and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Apr 10, 2012

Add To Your Professional Ensemble With These Easy Street Pumps

If you are a working woman who has to be on her feet but needs to remain professional and smart in what you wear then these Slingback Pumps from Easy Street are exactly the shoes that you are looking for.

These incredibly versatile and comfortable shoes are perfect for being on the move while maintaining a look of professionalism, as they are not too flashy and neither are they inappropriate for the working environment. Not only this but their form is one of style and panache, therefore fulfilling the requirement of looking good with your attire and not detracting from your overall appearance.

Enhance your professional front and catch this shoe now as they are currently on special and can be bought at a discount rate!

Apr 9, 2012

A Shoe For All Generations With BCB Generation Sandals

There are always those instances when you don’t have time to put together an outfit and you just have to run out in what ever you can find. BCB Generation’s Slingback Sandal is the perfect shoe for just such an occasion. This petit sandal has been made and designed with forte, it has a sleek boho guise to it, which in its own soft way will add chic to your getup. These slingback sandals are completely flexible so they can be paired with anything you may be wearing- shorts, jeans, long dresses or even your bathing suite.

As the season is growing hotter it is always handy to have that one pair of shoes which you can rely on to not only suite, but compliment every outfit. So create your trusted pair with BCB Generation’s latest all-rounder.

Apr 8, 2012

Create Your Perfect Wedding Look With Liz Rene

Your wedding is an event of individuality and distinctiveness, if you are one for something that is both graceful and elegant, but has a different style and shape then Liz Rene’s Ankle Wrap Sandal is the perfect shoe to add to you wedding attire.

This feminine and eloquent shoe will walk you down the isle with beauty and ease, the heel is firm and not too high so as not to make you feel unstable, but will still give you the elevation you need to give formality to your presence. With the rhinestone detail the shoe is given a different image and will add value to your appearance as a whole.

Let Liz Rene take you into your wedding with a difference that stands out subtly.