Apr 27, 2012

Etienne Aigner Adds Style To Your Casual Wardrobe

The spring air is all around and its time to dress your feet to be cool and free in these Deluxe Thong Sandals from Etienne Aigner. These faux leather flip-flops with a slightly raised heel are the perfect ‘warm weather’ addition to your wardrobe. Their design is slim and stylish so as to add definition to your look and finish you off with clean lines and delicate detail.

The soft padded sole and raised heel works in such a way that is creates additional support for your foot, as apposed to traditional flatfooted sandals that harden with time, thereby allowing you to be on your feet for longer.

Apr 26, 2012

Give Your Feet A Little Zen With Gentle Souls

Have your feet wrapped in total bliss and comfort with the Euna Slingback Sandals from Gentle Souls. Their soft leather incasing will help you, and your feet, reach a place of complete luxury and relaxation, without any of the pains or discomforts that come with always being on your feet in day-to-day living.

There is a supple inner sole that creates a soft padding for your foot to rest gently, and a wrap around sling-heel that keeps you firmly within the shoe. The rounded peep-toe gives your foot just that little bit of air that enables it to breathe and refresh itself as you walk.

The entire design and feel of the Euna sandal is one of effortless relief and contentment, don’t miss out on an opportunity for your feet to feel this good.

Apr 25, 2012

A Timeless Addition To Your Wardrobe From Nine West

Create an image that would make Jackie-O proud and Marilyn Monroe envious with these Ivory Choose-me Pump Heels from Nine West. Their classic design- thick straps and thick heel, adjustable gold buckle detail and peep-toe finish and soft ivory colour make them the ideal fit for anyone who is looking to add a timeless piece to their wardrobe.

These are most ideal for any formal function you have to attend, their ability to be classy and sensual at the same time means they will always manage to slip into whatever scenario you need them to, without the worry of being over or underdressed.

These Choose-me Pumps will elevate you to an elegant and tasteful status, give you the comfort and confidence to strut your stuff with ease and grace. If you think this speaks to you then do not hesitate to make this wondrous addition to your wardrobe.

Apr 24, 2012

Breeze Through Your Spring Days In Mistah Madden Girls

It seems that Madden Girl can do no wrong when it comes to creating trendy and simple spring and summer footwear. This pair of Mistah Slingback Sandals ring true of the same tune. With their shimmering exterior and comfortable design they add a little something to your outfit while still allowing you to participate in everything and anything that comes your way.

The shoe has been designed in a thong style with a rounded and open toe to allow you breeze through those warm days with ease. There is a tractions outsole and flat heel which means you won’t have to worry about falling over by the end of your day, however whatever charm it looses through its flat heel it gains from the beaded detail down the front and center of the foot.

Allow these faux leather and cushioned insole sandals to take you from your day to day with a little bit of shine and sparkle.

Apr 23, 2012

FRYE Makes Looking Good Feel Even Better

Take footwear back to their basics with these Woven Thong Sandals from FRYE. This design goes out of its way to meet all those simple criteria that so many designs seem to fall out on- it is made with practical purposes; comfort with a sensible fit, soft and durable material to last you a long time and still keep your foot gently stored. However, the entire look of the shoe is completely aesthetically pleasing and adds its own fashionable flare to your outfits.

These shoes will perfect any boho look; so add them to a flowing deep blue dress and a woven leather headband. Or slip into them as you are running out the door in your faded straight-legged skinny jeans and loose white vest.

They are a novelty in their ability to both look and feel so good. Don’t let this be one of those life-long commitments that you skip out on and be sure to add these woven thongs to your collection.

Apr 22, 2012

Retro Rage With Luichiny Loud Lee Platforms

Bring back those swinging sixties to your wardrobe with the latest Loud Lee Platform Pumps from Luichiny. This retro shoe with a modern twist is exactly what you need to add pump up your image and still keep it classy.

With the colours of nude, off-white, black, light blue and a deep red to choose from you can find the perfect pick to fit in with your personal style. This shoe features a sleek and glossy exterior and is designed to fulfill the look of a classic pump heel. Then it turns up the heat a little with it’s raised platform and amplified heel. Giving you that extra kick as well.

Pair these with a your best skinnies and a slim-cut waist coat and take the town by storm, or add flare to a nude colored flowing dress. Be the one to bring the old back in a new and exciting way with these Luichiny specialties.

Apr 21, 2012

Astounding Beauty And Adaptability With Lace-Up Pumps

There really is no definition that you are able to give these exciting new shoes from Creative Recreations. With a style and design that is completely unique these Valachi Lace-up Pumps are ideal for anyone who feels they fall into this same category.

Through the entire design Creative Recreations has some how managed to create a look of total femininity with an added funky edge. The shootie-style design and satin ribbon detail add an elegance that only a woman can carry, while the cut-outs in the soft leather and stacked platform and stiletto heel adds a trendy distinction and sharpness.

You could use these in any situation; if you are heading out shopping for the day or you want to dress pretty on your next date. They are ideal for jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. Just make sure that whatever you are wearing- you don’t hide one inch of this shoe!

Apr 20, 2012

Steam Up Your Wardrobe With This Sizzling Pair From Coloriffics

Coloriffics is proud to present a shoe that will bring glitter and glamour to whatever you choose to pair it with. With the two colours of black or gold to choose from there is no doubt that these sizzling Paradise Platform Sandals were made to add a sparkle and a dazzle to your appearance.

With strap detail covering the front of the foot and an added diamanté finish running along the length of the foot this shoe will absolutely draw attention to your foot in all the right ways. Be careful not to add this to an already overcrowded outfit, as this shoe will do all that accessorizing work for you. Just pair it with something simple, throw on a few thin golden bracelets and allow your entire look to be completed with a shimmery finish.

Apr 19, 2012

Renew Your Image By Adding A Little Vintage Style

There is a new hit in the shoe line from Madden Girl this spring and it comes in the form of their Kruser Slingback Sandal. This stylish and pioneering piece of footwear adds the fresh look to your wardrobe that you should not do without.

The shoe somehow manages to employ a look that has a noticeably vintage feel to it, but without expelling you back to an image that is out of fashion or that would insert unwanted additions to your outfit as a whole.

Madden Girl uses a combination of a brown suede shoe top with a delicate bow for peep toe detail, with a vintage floral print wedge heel. Thereby giving the shoe an image of complexity, not in an overwhelming sense, but rather to give your image a bit of an edge.

Apr 18, 2012

Another Beloved Sandal To Add To Your Wardrobe From Steve Madden

Steve Madden is constantly showing us simple and pleasing ways to add a little bit of subtle elegance to our outfits by adding the right pair of shoes. Nothing has changed when it comes to these Virrtue Thong Sandals.

The simple design paired with simple detail puts them in a league of their own, with no real abrasive additions or embellishments they somehow manage to distinguish themselves from the rest through their unassuming and stylish nature.

There is one modest strap that travels up the length of the foot and then another which wraps around the ankle of the foot. The white leather is imprinted with silver metal studs.

Give these a home with the rest of your most loved and favourite pairs of sandals. Their adaptability, comfort ability, ease and attractive appearance will fulfill every wish you need from this exceptional shoe.