Jul 31, 2012

Bamboo Gives You An Unbeatable Natural Looking Shoe

A shoe with a very clear difference; Bamboo always manages to create footwear that does not only meet your esthetic needs but the needs of the environment as well. If you are one for the natural look then these Colada-20 Natural Cork Slingbacks are the shoes for you.

Aside from their obvious cork upper, wrapped heal and cork platform this shoe also features a five and a half inch heel and an one and quarter inch platform. For adjustment and to ensure a comfortable fit the shoe is fitted with a slingback elastic tab ankle strap to meet your size needs.

This Vegan friendly, man-made shoe is a must have for anyone looking to add something a little more interesting to their wardrobe. With it’s gorgeous natural appearance and its stylish design from top till toe this is one shoe that is a sure thing for anyone who dares to call themselves a trendy mafia.

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